We assist private companies, associations and institutions who would like to enter a new international market. We analyze the viability of your product or service in order to identify the markets of interest by defining the entry strategy.

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Business Affairs

  • Research into clients, distributors or suppliers

  • Direct business missions in destination

  • Reverse business missions for foreign buyers

  •  Market research: prices, competitors, distribution channels...

  • Individual agendas and support in destination country

Administrative affairs and support in destination country

  • Individual agendas and support in destination country

  • Legal advice

  • Translation, interpretation and accompaniment to meetings

  • Registration in destination country

  • Legal, accounting and tax advice 

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An extensive network of contacts and professional collaborators

We have created an extensive network of collaborators and consultants specialized in internationalization, across the planet. Thanks to this network, we can offer our internationalization services across all continents. Contact us if you would like to talk about your project or receive further information about our services. We have 17 years experience rolling out the red carpet for companies in Scandinavia.

Tell us about your company and we will advise you accordingly.

Opening your business to new markets is possible if you have good partners in the destination country.

You can also book a consultancy session directly.