How to participate in a fair in Scandinavia


how to participate in a fair in scandinavia

Fairs are an excellent tool for any company that wants to search for clients, contacts, agents or distributors in a new destination. In addition, it is increasingly common for fairs to have an international presence, beyond the place where it is held, so that in addition to being able to network and make contacts in the country that is held, we will have the possibility of meeting clients from any part of the world.

Specifically, in the Nordic market, fairs tend to be quite local and professional, leaving behind the image of a large fair with thousands of exhibitors and visitors.

Participation in a fair is an activity that brings various benefits to the company, but it also involves investing a considerable part of resources, which means taking into account good preparation so that it is profitable and we achieve the desired success. For this reason, after 15 years working in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, at Alfombra Roja we have identified the key points to participate in a Nordic fair.


Each phase is important for a reason, but this one, especially, is even more so. Preparing everything so that later the fair goes smoothly is a very important point that will guarantee much of your success. If it is the first time that you attend to a specific fair, we recommend you to attend as a visitor and not as a exhibitor.

The objective will be to collect as much information about the market as possible and, above all, you will confirm if it is a space that is worth exhibiting later or if it is enough for you to come as a visitor and set up meetings with potential clients.

In addition to visiting the fair, you get to know the country. Walk its streets to know if your product or service would have a place in that market, get to know your competition, the trends and the potential that you could have.

During the fair

Either you have decided to visit or to exhibit at a fair, you should work your contacts. Set up your goals, identify your potential clients and contact them two or three months in advance. You must introduce yourself and your company, your product or service and express your interest in establishing a collaboration. If after a few weeks they have not responded, you can always send another email as a friendly reminder or even call by phone.

Once there you must take great care of your brand image, take care of every small detail and have everything ready: business cards, company presentations, brand visibility. All with a clear message, and in English.

After the fair

Once the fair ends, it is interesting to carry out a quantitative analysis regarding the return on investment made, as well as a series of qualitative measurements that evaluate the positive and negative aspects of participation, general impressions, possible improvements, etc.

In addition, it is very important to send a thank-you email to all the people with whom you have met and strengthened ties. Also fulfill what was promised in those meetings, such as sending a price list or a company presentation. The important thing is to be remembered once the fair ends, since they are very intense days, with many relationships and easy to forget if you do not work correctly.

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