Business opportunities in the Nordic countries


Business opportunities in the Nordic countries

In which country should I internationalize my business? What are the main opportunities in the Nordic or Spanish market for foreign companies? Internationalizing a company involves much more than the fact of “selling abroad”, you need professional advice, someone to help you analyze the market. At Alfombra Roja, we help you analyze all the opportunities and advise you on everything you may need in order to introduce your product or service at the new market.


Business opportunities in Sweden

Sweden could be considered a small market since it has about 10 million inhabitants, however, the Swedes have a high purchasing power, in general terms, if we compare it with other European countries. Another of the lines that follow when consuming is to measure the value for money, as well as the design, the origin and the production process through which the product or service passes, especially its impact on the environment.

Sweden’s most important economic centers are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The capital stands out for having an innovative character and a good connection with the rest of the world, as well as being one of the main growth engines of Scandinavia. It has an open business environment, which grows exponentially every year, and its trend is so stable that it is characterized by being a safe haven for investors.

Business opportunities in Norway

Norway is one of the most developed countries on the European continent and the average salary of its inhabitants is one of the highest in the world. However, it is not self-sufficient in manufactured products, which means that it has a large volume of imports. The consumer of this country is characterized by being demanding: able of paying a large amount of money, but in return they want to receive the highest quality.

It is a mature market, but even so the country has great business opportunities.

The Norwegian government has large investment projects in infrastructure and transport and, in some cases, they have been foreign companies that have been awarded major international tenders. In 2010, an infrastructure plan began, planned until 2023, to improve access by sea, air, road and train; and this is a good current business opportunity.

Business opportunities in Denmark

The low number of inhabitants of the country is compensated by their high income per capita. It is a very interesting market for many products, in fact, most of its imports are increased every year and come from European countries.

The greatest business opportunity in Denmark is currently in organic products due to its type of population, with a high standard of living and environmentally conscious. The Danish consumer is concerned about their health as well as the living conditions of the animals, which has seen a clear evolution in recent years towards organic options.

Currently, the national production is not enough to supply the Danish market with what it demands, especially as regards fruits and vegetables, especially due to the climatic conditions of the territory.

Business opportunities in Finland

Finland is considered one of the most competitive economies in the world, as well as being the country with the lowest degree of corruption. It stands out for its excellent educational system. Its inhabitants are well-known by maintaining a balanced and dynamic society, with a positive environment for local businesses, but also for companies that come from abroad.

One of the characteristics that make the country stand out above the rest is that it belongs to the euro zone, which greatly facilitates transactions. Most of its imports, and therefore its greatest business opportunity, reside in raw materials, energy, investment and consumer goods.

Business opportunities in Iceland

The number of inhabitants of Iceland could be compared to the population of Bilbao, which can be translated, equivocally, into an unattractive market. In its favor, it has a high per capita income and a great traveling culture, with the ease that this entails for cultural and gastronomic products. There are also other reasons to be interested in this market, such as its highly efficient business environment, which belongs to the European regulatory framework, or which is strategically located in addition to a free trade agreement with China and tariff-free access to European common market.

Some of the key sectors of the country are the chemical industry, since it has the advantage of green energy; carbon fiber, since the government supports this type of industries in order to make them cheaper, more ecological and efficient; or any energy dependent industry because, due to the vast amount of natural resources available to it, no other country in the world offers renewable energy at such competitive prices. Finally, tourism enjoys unequaled political and business support. Its nature, the geographical situation and the richness of its culture make this country a place that receives more and more visitors and demands a good tourist offer.

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