Alfombra Roja elected to organise B2B meetings for Swedish companies visiting Spain


Alfombra Roja Consulting elected to organise B2B meetings for the Export Cooperation Sweden-Finland in Spain

This trade mission from Swedish and Finnish companies to Spain has taken place between the 13th and 16th of June in the main cities of the country. Alfombra Roja organised B2B meetings and agendas for Swedish companies to improve the international commercial relations and facilitate partnerships within the Spanish market.


Alfombra Roja managed to become the tenderer of the Swedish Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce related to the Export Cooperation Sweden-Finland Interreg Nord project and delegation trip to Madrid and Barcelona. The main goal of the business support offered by Alfombra Roja was to boost international trade and trilateral relations between business actors from Sweden, Finland and Spain.


Export Cooperation Sweden – Finland, a business opportunity for Swedish and Finnish companies in Spain


The Export Cooperation Sweden – Finland (ExportCo SWE-FIN) supports SMEs that are focused on internationalization to explore new markets and develop their own export activities and operations at a global level.  This year, Spain took a leading role in the activity plan designed by BusinessOulu and Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce in charge of ExportCo SWE-FIN.


The participating companies operate in different sectors: digitalisation, industrial maintenance, electricity, the automotive sector, etc. In different words, it is the perfect occasion to achieve trade missions between these two Nordic countries and Spain.


Improvement in the commercial relation of Sweden and Finland with Spain

It is expected that, thanks to this project, the international commercial relations of Swedish and Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises with the Spanish market will improve. The aim of increasing collaboration in between clusters stands out especially, which has led to a series of joint networking activities. An example of this happened last Monday the 13th in Madrid, where reception took place at the residence of the Swedish ambassador. The embassy, Madrid´s Chamber of Commerce and Invest in Madrid participated in said reception.


The trade mission has raised expectations among the partners of improved trade relations between Swedish and Finnish small and medium-sized companies in the Spanish market, which should facilitate further partnerships and collaborations.


Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB was one of the Swedish companies that participated in the trade mission. The company’s sales director, Mattias Lundborg, summarizes the experience as follows:


“We are focusing on having industries like steel plants and some of the biggest steel producers in Europe are based in Spain. So, Spain is a very attractive market for us. It has been a great help to introduce our products to the Spanish market. And I can see other markets for AB Mobilaris that would be equally important. And these types of projects would also help those places.”

All of the participants reported enjoying a very positive experience from establishing contacts with Spain and potential Spanish trade partners. In this film, the participating companies share their opinions about the trade mission and the possibility it afforded to meet their Spanish counterparts.

Alfombra Roja, 17 years supporting companies in entering the Nordic and Spanish markets

Alfombra Roja provided active business support to the participating companies, in close cooperation with the project managers from Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce and BusinessOulu, as well as developed a common meeting program with other business support actors participating from Sweden and Finland during this trilateral delegation trip in Madrid and Barcelona.


The mentioned agendas arranged by Alfombra Roja included around 5-8 B2B business meetings per Swedish company (on site and digital ones). In other words, the Swedish participants, through the arranged business meetings, got together with Spanish equivalents interested in their services or products in order to create further collaboration bonds and enable international trade.


If you are interested in tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific needs and interests in the Spanish market, do not hesitate to drop us a line so that we can tell you more about the options and possibilities we offer. Send us an email  to know more.


About Alfombra Roja

Alfombra Roja has more than 17 years of experience working as a bridge, helping companies  with a global mindset to internationalize and support their business in the Nordic countries, Spain and other Latin American countries, the Mediterranean zone, Portugal, and Italy.

They are specialists in internationalisation, fairs, and events, with a wide network of contacts that provides them with an important added value for foreign companies that want to visit or enter the Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and/or Spanish Markets.

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